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We are the Edtech Platform Built for students by students 📝
Ace It is a one-stop-shop for all your education needs. It offers a personalized, engaging and interactive platform that helps students take control of their education and achieve their goals. With Ace It, you have the support of a community, access to a wide range of content, and a personalized learning experience that can help you achieve your full potential.
Out of all the options, why choose us?
Smart Keyword Recognition
Using AI we monitor keywords catered to you. By analyzing context and meaning, we recommend content catered to improve your experience.
Updated Engaging Study Material
Engaging user-generated content provided by Ace-creators. Our content ranges from short videos, pdfs, flash cards and so much more!
Socialize and Stay Connected
Ace It focuses on providing the most comprehensive student tool without compromising on your social experience.
Become an Ace-Creator📝
Join the Ace-Creator community and share your knowledge while gaining recognition and earning rewards. Elevate your learning experience and help others succeed with personalized content creation.

Contest for Content Submissions: Submit your material to our platform for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Get Social Recognition: Share your knowledge and gain social recognition with badge rewards for your efforts on our personalized learning platform.

Get Discovered: We encourage all students to share their own content and become creators themselves, there are no restrictions to who can post!

No Limits: Interact with like-minded creators and get compensated while you post great content that abides by our engagement criteria.

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Is there any support for your application?
Ace It will be available and compatible with both Android and iOS devices once released live. The Current Beta will also be compatible with both devices.
Is Ace It suitable for all levels of education?
By empowering students to create and share their own content, Ace It not only provides an interactive and personalized learning experience, but also cultivates a sense of community and collaboration amongst learners. Ace It focuses on students past the age of 15, but we plan to expand into providing content that aligns with younger students that want to use the platform.
How does Ace It ensure the quality of user-generated content on its platform?
At Ace It, we understand the importance of providing reliable and high-quality content to our users. To ensure the quality of user-generated content on our platform, we have a team of content moderators who review and approve all content before it goes live. Additionally, we have a rating system that allows users to rate the usefulness and quality of the content, which helps us to further refine and improve our content offerings over time. We are committed to creating a safe and engaging learning environment for all our users, and we take content quality very seriously.
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